How we started

We thought there had to be an alternative for accessible and effective digital marketing and innovative seo, particularly for small businesses.

The options seemed so limited. To either teach yourself skills in the ever-changing marketing space or pay top dollar for a results-only and confusing service seemed crazy!

When it comes to SEO and Content Marketing, providing affordable and valuable services is exactly why we set out to do what we do.

EmpowerUp Founders Red Brick

The options for SMBs were limited.

There’s a hefty price tag with agency work where you only receive results; not an understanding or exposure to processes that can be applied to your business.

Agency prices are expensive compared to EmpowerUp

It’s a draining search for the right employee, plus the unavoidable training period needed so they fully understand the passion and hard work behind your operations.

Finding right employee for digital marketing takes a lot of time and effort

You need to sacrifice your valuable time to teach yourself via online classes or continually research evolving trends… yet another thing on your never-ending to-do list!

Teaching yourself digital marketing is time consuming

We are an agency alternative because we want to empower you to take control of your marketing, no matter your current confidence level.

We don’t just want to give you results…

Most importantly, we want to help you as an individual and unique business, not try and push you into a one size fits all approach.

We know marketing, but you know your business best.

Meet the EmpowerUp founders

Clare and Aria are enthusiastic and passionate generalist marketers with a keen interest in branding and marketing strategies, SEO and content, advertising, social media and data-driven marketing.


I have a real passion for understanding how things work, which is why I pursued the sales and marketing career path from a relatively young age. I love that marketing encompasses ALL the different ways to understand your target audience.
I grew up with an awesome mum who ran an international company on her own for over a decade. 
This allowed me to see just how much heart and soul everyone in the small business sphere puts into their business. It’s hard to keep up with the digital age and the right marketing ‘how-to’ – this is where I come in! I want to make marketing accessible to everyone because it really does have the power to transform your business.
EmpowerUp Co-Founder Aria Schulz

My specialties are:

EmpowerUp Co-Founder Clare Hewitt


I love how the digital marketing space is constantly evolving and it pushes me to maintain a growth mindset and make a conscious effort to upskill myself. I’m excited to be embarking on this chapter in my professional life and stripping back the red tape and confusion around marketing to support people embracing the opportunities in the digital space.


Working collaboratively towards common goals is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve learnt so much from both the mentors I’ve had and those who have given me the opportunity to lead them. My family and friends inspire me to always set my sights a little higher and challenge me to not accept defeat. This is the attitude I want to bring to every client I work with.

My specialties are:

"When I met Aria we clicked straight away. We share a lot of the same values and ideas when it came to how to approach marketing.

She's amazing at picking up on the details (like correcting my atrocious spelling) and design elements and pulls them together to create something incredible. She is committed to creating something the end user will love.

I'm proud to have her as my partner and I have absolute trust in the decisions she makes in our business - pretty good considering we've only met in person once!"
EmpowerUp Co-Founder Clare Hewitt
Clare Hewitt
Head of Innovation & Operations
"After working closely alongside Clare for over six months, we quickly discovered just how well our skills matched up.

Clare is so talented at handling every technical aspect of digital marketing. I can throw any idea at her asking, "Can we make this work?" and she comes back in record speed with some fancy coded thing!

I've had full confidence in our partnership from the start knowing I am working with such a talented and passionate person."
EmpowerUp Co-Founder Aria Schulz
Aria Schulz
Head of Creative & Experience

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