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Our monthly SEO retainers combine the essentials you need for your business website with valuable services like reporting and website maintenance to elevate your marketing. 

We structure our retainers like our service packages – aiming to fit any and all budget needs.

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No time for SEO? Don't worry, we've got this!

How quickly are you wanting to grow your business? Get everything sorted from the get-go with our Accelerate Package. This package allows us to execute three SEO outcomes a month for your business, meaning we can update more regularly throughout the year.
However, slow and steady can also win the race. Our Foundation and Growth SEO Packages offer the same amount of value, just stretched over more time and at a lower cost. We don’t get to update these outcomes as regularly as the Accelerate package, but this should not have a detrimental effect on your rankings.
It’s a balance between getting a little bit of everything slowly or a lot of things quickly. It really depends on the timeframe of growth you are seeking.
Not sure which retainer suits you? Book in a call with us to get our recommendation!

Foundation SEO Retainer:

$580 per month

We would revisit these fundamentals of SEO bi-annually as we would be able to update based on improving rankings and domain authority.

Growth SEO Retainer:

$860 per month

We would revisit these fundamentals of SEO quarterly as we would be able to update based on improving rankings and domain authority.

Accelerate SEO Retainer:

$1265 per month

We would revisit these fundamentals of SEO bi-monthly (every two months) as we would be able to update based on improving rankings and domain authority.

With any SEO retainers, we require full access to the backend of the website, to Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google My Business and other relevant Google products in order to handle your SEO for you. Our SEO retainers have a lock-in period of at least three months, but are recommended for 6 to 12 months.

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Looking for something slightly different in your retainer? Not a problem! We get it. Every business has different needs and hurdles, and you might have already set up some of your SEO. We are flexible about what you’re after. Book a call with us so we can provide you with a more customised solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Whether you are hiring another business to handle your SEO or you are doing your own SEO you need to be executing SEO activities every month, at least. Constant work is required to grow your business through search. This includes monitoring your rankings, content research, analysing and tracking your competitors, updating backend data, writing content and descriptions and keeping up to date with any major algorithm changes. 

This is why purchasing a monthly SEO retainer is a worthwhile investment to ensure you’re getting professional support and growing your business effectively, without having to worry about doing it yourself.

Monthly SEO always includes monitoring and reporting on valuable data. This is how we can learn what is working and what isn’t – and then adjust as needed! Depending on which retainer you choose for your business, you may get additional outcomes or extra website support each month.

All EmpowerUp SEO Retainers include a monthly report, and one or more completed SEO outcomes. Some outcomes will take longer than others but this has been factored into the overall monthly retainer plan.

This is very dependent on what size business you are, what SEO is already set up for your website, how much you are willing to spend and how competitive your space is. Good quality SEO doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, however cheap SEO is not always the best kind. Remember, you are paying for quality content creation, and outsourcing to a cheap offshore SEO professional might return written content that doesn’t align with your brand. 

At EmpowerUp we like to think we are on the affordable side for excellent quality SEO. Both EmpowerUp founders are well-versed in copywriting both technical and content aspects of SEO work. Our many qualifications and experience in a variety of industries and roles reflect this as well.

At EmpowerUp we are all about that support! We genuinely want to empower you, to power up your business which is why all retainers include regular email check-ins and monthly 30-minute consultation calls throughout your retainer.

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