Social Media Strategy

It’s time to bring everything together with a powerful content strategy spanning your social media presence, your website and your email marketing.

Connect your social media strategy to the rest of your business

Creating an engaging, brand-building and converting social media strategy is about more than just pumping out content. Posting consistently is important, but how are you standing out on social media? How are you currently using social media to connect with your audience and your customers?

EmpowerUp is here to help with the strategy side of things, to ensure that your social media efforts are not wasted. If you’ve been operating on social media as a business for some time, you know that the entire creation, copywriting, proofing and scheduling process is time consuming. You don’t want all of that effort to be in vain!

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Are you looking for ongoing support?

We offer value-packed Monthly Retainers designed for time-poor business owners looking for an affordable digital marketing partner to increase their inbound customer numbers. 

Does this sound like you? Click below to set up an obligation-free discovery call to discuss what we can do for your business. 

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Scale and schedule your social media efforts

At EmpowerUp Marketing, we see social media as a powerful tool to reach new customers, engage on a personal level with followers and distribute amazing content that represents your brand. We offer businesses the ability to create a solid social media strategy with us that’s tied to your business goals and focuses on converting followers into high-interest customers. 

We also want you to create valuable content for your social media profiles. This is why we work off creating long-form content that we break into interesting social media posts for you – it’s a great two-for-one that you receive!

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The girls were super helpful and a joy to work with. They provided me with a comprehensive and approachable framework to tackle social media strategy for my small business. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

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Aria and Clare did a full audit and review of our website and our current SEO health. They were thorough and were able to provide great actionable insights and suggestions for site improvements. I would not hesitate in recommending them."

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Popular Social Media Services

We offer a wide range of services to suit your business needs. If there is something with social media that you would like assistance with and you don’t see it listed below, get in contact with us so we can see how to help.

custom strategy session

Based on your business needs, specific industry opportunities and competitive analysis. Learn how to take your social media profiles to the next level.

Connective Strategy

Get your social media integrated with your website, email marketing or any other channels you're using or wish to use.

Content creation

We create long form content which can be broken down into 5 - 7 posts. This is the best way to get interesting and easily shared content.

Hashtag Analytics

We can use hashtag analytic software to highlight opportunities to expand your social media reach and work out where to position your brand.

Certification from industry-leading providers

A connective approach to digital marketing

For content and social media marketing, we chase the harmony of art and science. Our focus is always on SEO and Content Marketing to increase your visibility. We aim to develop an affordable personalised strategy that combines search engine algorithm optimisation with compelling copywriting and your brand’s personality. Our goal is to make your unique voice the loudest! Depending on your business model, social media can be, and often is an integral part of building your brand. We are here to help you connect the dots between all of your business assets to ensure your business is growing and thriving. 

We preach ‘connective marketing.’ This means looking at the entire journey and making sure your customers have a great experience. SEO and content marketing is a huge part of that, which is why it’s our main focus. But how does it connect with everything else? We pride ourselves on being completely flexible to your business needs, whether it be advertising guidance, email marketing and social media marketing strategies, reputation management or others.

General Enquiries

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