Marketing for Food Businesses

Discover and amplify your food business in the right places.

Food business marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated to see success. After all, everyone’s gotta eat! 

Whether you’re a local café, a food and drink wholesaler, a specialty product maker, or a creative home cook – there are opportunities to capture a larger and higher-converting audience. We usually work with food businesses on their website content and SEO, social media strategy, building their advertising strategy and developing their email marketing as the foundation areas. However, every business is different, and this is why we like to chat to you first to figure out the best way to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

At EmpowerUp Marketing, we focus on connective marketing… What’s this you say? Have you guys just made up a term? Look, potentially we have, but we think it perfectly captures the importance of having an all-encompassing, connected and fluent marketing plan to bring to action.

That is why you can see below the different elements of a marketing plan to focus on that we may highlight as a need for your business – and something we can help you with! When we put together your custom proposal, we consider all of these areas to give you well-rounded marketing support. As a food business, you need to consider:

Email Marketing

How are you engaging with your current customers and on-the-fencers? Email is your lightning bolt for not only communicating directly with your audience, but also capturing that essential data for other marketing activities. With the new age of advertising thanks to updated privacy laws, trust us – you will want to be getting as much of that customer data into your ‘owned’ database as possible.

Whether you have basic email marketing set up and you aren’t sure how to utilise this tool or you are looking to set up powerful email marketing campaigns  – EmpowerUp supercharges small business email marketing.

Maria's Pasta

Newsletter Campaign

Creating and collaborating on just a simple newsletter sent out each month generated over $5500 in sales for our Melbourne client, just from their newsletters! ⬇️

$5500+ in sales from 6 newsletters!

The Maria's Pasta newsletter goes out every month to both retail and wholesale customers, and not only generates direct revenue but has also helped bring the brand to front of mind for customers.

Social Media Strategy

The place of glorious food pictures, videos, recipes, ‘how-to’s’ – this is your place to get those scrumptious food and/or drink content capturing the attention of your soon-to-be customers.

It can be easy to get lost on social media or feel like you’re falling behind in the fast-paced changes happening on each platform. We believe in making social media fit YOUR business, rather than struggling to fit into social media. While Insta and TikTok are great content tools, they are not the be all end all. This is a tool where you ‘rent’ space – your profile and visibility is at the mercy of the algorithm. We can work with you on a manageable and suitable social media strategy for your food business, full of content ideas that reflect your brand.

The Sweet Potato Kitchen

Social Media Audit & Strategy

Looking for a budget-friendly option, Sweet Potato booked in a Social Supercharged Session, and received helpful recommendations specific to her socials for her ready-made meals business.

461.8% follower growth in 3 months

Sweet Potato's Instagram profile grew from 267 followers to over 1,500 followers in 3 months using the carefully curated strategy from EmpowerUp. This gave the owner Emmy the foundation to be a guest speaker on food podcasts, successfully reach out for brand partnerships to other businesses and expand her audience reach in Melbourne.


You might want to jump straight to this fun one but get all your ducks in a row before going for the golden goose! We work closely with established food businesses to get their advertising going in the right direction. Rather than focusing on blaring ads anywhere and everywhere, we prefer to take a more cautious and targeted approach to ensure that precious budget is not getting wasted and is in fact, supporting your overall marketing strategy. Unlike big agencies, we don’t work off ROAS as our sole metric – we want to get the right audience and focus on attracting qualified and quality customers.

Market Lane Coffee

Advertising Retainer

Market Lane Coffee came to us seeking flexible support as they built up their internal marketing team. In just 9 months, we built several successful campaigns over Meta and Google advertising platforms.

Branded ads achieving a CTR of 36.96%.

(Industry average CTR of 2.69%)

Working closely with the team at Market Lane allowed us to guide them in launching over 5 campaigns resulting in excellent revenue growth.

To build the team's confidence, we also provided comprehensive advertising training sessions. This resulted in the successful handover of the ad accounts from us to the team!

SEO & Website

How are your customers finding you and where are they going to purchase? If you sell online then you already know having a functioning website makes that customer journey far more seamless.

Funnel traffic from Google Search to your website with the right content, increase your audience’s trust in your brand, and build your unique business voice on your very own platform. Our main offering is a supportive monthly SEO retainer but we also can look at your website and help you with user experience issues, copywriting and more.

Branding & Reputation

Looking to level up in your branding, and build your reputation online? We can help you capitalise on business tools such as Google My Business, and directories, as well as supporting you closely in your journey to building strong user-generated content and a robust reviews strategy.

At EmpowerUp we partner with a very talented PR consultant and an incredibly capable Brand consultant for your branding and outreach needs. Whether you are building a brand from scratch or needing a boost, our team can guide you.


Our Process

When we work with food businesses like you, we first assess exactly where your business is – to identify the immediate needs of the business, highlight the best opportunities and fix up anything that needs to be corrected before diving straight into providing exciting marketing services.

Step 1

Video Chat

The process starts by jumping on a video chat with you to meet (or phone call if you feel you’re having a bad hair day) to hear exactly what you are after in terms of your business goals. In this call we find out what you are currently doing for your marketing, and how you are going with everything. What are things you love to do in operating your business, and then activities you might be less confident in? We also appreciate a good honest conversation about budget, so we can make sure we work within any limitations you might be starting out with!
Video Chat

Step 2


Then, we have a little poke around on your website (if you have one up and running) and on your social media platforms to have a look at what you’ve been doing and what we can build on together. You are also able to provide us with temporary access to your email marketing platform at this time so we can check this out too!

Step 3

Your Custom Proposal

Finally, you’ll get an email from us with a custom proposal regarding which services we offer that would achieve your goals, support your growth and fit in your budget. From there, you decide what works for you and we can get started on growing your business in a great direction.
Your Custom Proposal

Supercharged Sessions

If you prefer to do it all yourself, or are looking to reduce your expenses for now, we offer Supercharge Sessions on a variety of marketing activities, to give you guidance and confidence in what you need to execute to excel. These sessions are one-on-one strategy sessions 45-60 minutes long, customised to your business and based on the goals and needs you’ve identified to us. You receive your own business deck and relevant resources, links and contact information for anyone in our business network who we think could help you out. If you have something in particular you’d like assistance with that’s not listed, get in touch with us for a custom offering!

Your Social Media Strategy

Your Social Media Strategy

60 min video call + Strategy document package

$310 +GST

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Food Business Marketing expert - Aria Schulz
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The Team

We are proud to have a talented network of professionals at our fingertips.

Meet our experienced consultants that EmpowerUp loves to work with, providing you with the best support!

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