Social Media Marketing

At EmpowerUp Marketing, we see social media as a powerful tool to reach new customers, engage on a personal level with followers and distribute amazing content that represents your brand. 

We offer businesses the ability to create a solid social media strategy with us that’s tied to your business goals and focuses on converting followers into high-interest customers. 

Our Social Media Ethos

It’s time to bring everything together with a powerful social media strategy that is structured around content on your social platforms, your website and your email marketing. 

Creating a growth-focused social media strategy is about more than just pumping out content. Posting consistently is important, but how are you standing out on social media? How are you currently using, or going to use social media to connect with your audience and your customers? And the most important, who are you trying to reach and what do you want them to do with your content?

EmpowerUp Marketing is here to help with the goal side of things, to ensure that your social media efforts are not wasted. If you’ve been operating on social media as a business for some time, you know that the entire creation, copywriting, proofing and scheduling process can be time consuming. You don’t want all of that effort to be in vain! If you’re new to the social media space, it can seem overwhelming and fast-paced. There are lots of platform changes and updates to be aware of as you build out your social media strategy as part of your larger marketing plan.

Create an engaging, brand-building and converting social media strategy that turns followers into high-interest customers.

Reach new audiences, engage on a personal level and distribute awesome content that represents your brand.

Looking to build your brand with customers and a wider audience?

A newsletter is the perfect way to get your message across in a unique and valuable way. We recommend one newsletter per month to keep in touch with your customers and provide them with the latest news and insights.

Check out how our client Maria’s Pasta grew their business overall by simply introducing a monthly newsletter:

Case Study: OTI Racing

We began working with Maria’s Pasta in August to develop a monthly newsletter campaign that would go to both wholesale and retail customers. Collaborating together on branded messaging, product highlights and a monthly theme provided this food business a direct way to communicate important news to their customers as well as increase their ‘front-of-mind’ presence.

In just 4 short months we were able to generate over $3000 in direct revenue from our email content and see an increase in online engagement with orders, social media engagement and even an upturn in foot traffic to the physical store in Fitzroy, Melbourne. 

"EmpowerUp have offered invaluable support in building our email marketing campaigns. They understand our style and our customer base and use language that gets results while fully representing our brand. Most importantly, they know how to work with a time-poor small business and set us up for success."

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Audit

Conducted for 2 Profiles
$ 390 (+GST)
  • Scratching your head and wondering why your social isn't performing how you anticipated? Our social media audit will assess your current social media platforms for your brand to give you powerful insights from a marketing perspective on your untapped opportunities.

    You will receive a detailed report in PDF format + a 30 min follow-up call to go through our findings and recommendations.
  • Profile metrics analysis and insights on performance
  • Visual, keyword and profile copy assessments with detailed improvement actions
  • Assessment of posting schedule and content split over platforms
  • Hashtag research and provision of 30+ hashtags to use
  • Audit of engagement with action steps
  • Visual and written content analysis and recommendations

Social Supercharged Session

45-minute consultancy call
$ 290 (+GST)
  • We take a close look at your business, industry opportunities and conduct an in-depth analysis of your profiles, content and competitors to wrap all our recommendations up into your next steps for growing on socials!

    Get all of your questions answered by an experienced marketing professional in a 1-1 consultancy call over Google Meet.
  • Analysis of your business, industry opportunities and competitors
  • Guidance on Meta tools to be using to improve the social presence of your business
  • Submit your questions and areas of assistance prior to meeting
  • Receive personalised recommendations for your business profiles
  • Get access to our tried and trusted social media management workflow process
  • Latest platform updates and news

Social Media Strategy Creation

Custom Quote (+GST)
  • If you want to take a step further and build out a detailed social media strategy focused on growth, results and elevating your brand, we’re here to help. Work alongside experienced professionals to create a powerful strategy for this element of your marketing plan.

    Not only will you receive your strategy to guide your business over 3 - 6 months, but you’ll receive valuable additional documentation including workflows and processes for your business or team.

Connect Your Social

Are you using all the right tools in the right way? Meta has released a wide variety of tools for small businesses, however it can be pretty confusing to navigate. We help small businesses set up and use tools like;

  • Meta Business Suite for scheduling all your Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Business Manager for overall business social management
  • Admin roles and permissions on business Facebook Pages
  • Connecting up Instagram to your Business Manager so you can do it all from one place

Simply select ‘Connect Your Social’ as a service you are interested in when filling out your enquiry form and provide us with some brief information about your current social set-up or issues. We will be in touch to provide you with an affordable solution.

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