SEO Retainer Enquiry

After meeting with us to discuss your marketing needs, we will send through a follow-up email including any information we chatted about in our call together. In our email we will detail the next steps for working together should you decide to go ahead with us, and include all relevant information for you to our discussed services or packages.

A discovery call is a no-obligation way to determine if EmpowerUp is the best fit for your business needs! It’s also a great way to get quick answers to your questions.If you are a business owner or partner seeking marketing solutions but you aren’t sure what you need, jumping on a call with us is how we can provide honest and helpful guidance for growing your business through digital marketing. 

You are not required to bring anything with you to the discovery call, but we recommend for everyone to think about what goal they are wanting to achieve with digital marketing, which area of digital marketing you are seeking and any pain points you are experiencing. 

Other clients have chatted to us and let us know about past issues they’ve had with marketing agencies, or that they want to start email marketing but don’t know where to start. All of this is really useful information for us!